Specializing in a unique "Free Style" screen printing technique on scarves, t-shirts, jackets, tanks & more

My boutique contains original hand-printed silk-screened clothing.
The items featured in my boutique are both hand screen-printed & hand painted.
Meaning my designs are not printed  by a machine.
They are printed by a human and that human happens to be me.

Each printed item of clothing is original, no two garments are printed exactly alike.
This is due to a screen printing technique I call
Which is hand-printing without boundaries,
 printing freely and sometimes on a whim.
In other words going with the flow of the art, each piece of wearable art. 

What you might consider imperfections in printing, 
is actually what makes each item unique 
and therefore an original piece of wearable art.

I wish you happiness, warmth and many complements upon your purchase of 

an original wearable item.

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